10 Commandments of Negotiation

According to research by Negotiation Today, the following 10 commandments will help you to become a better negotiator:

1. Be prepared. Know your aspiration point and reservation point and know their real goals and needs. Think of your concessions and think of their likely concessions as well

2. Think about your BATNA and make your best guess of what is their BATNA. Your case is only as strong as your BATNA and as weak as their BATNA

3. Know the real issues of the negotiation

4. Think creative thoughts rather than competitive thoughts

5. Avoid making the first offer unless your purpose is to anchor the other party

6.  Set optimistic but realistic aspirations

7.  Give and get information strategically

8. Understand the power dynamics in the negotiation

9.  Be reluctant to give away concessions

10. Be prepared to walkaway and activate your BATNA



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