Negotiating skills training course Singapore

Beyond negotiation skills in Singapore



For you HR folks in Singapore out there, besides learning effective negotiating skills, Linkedin has conducted its own in-house research in and came up with this list of top skills you need:

From Linkedin: ” Specifically, we looked at what skills the 433 million LinkedIn members added to their profiles in the past six months to determine the fastest growing skills in human resources. Additionally, we looked through our course library to match those skills with courses that teach them”

Here are the 10 fastest growing skills in HR:

  1. Presentation Skills 
  2. Payroll Administration 
  3. Organization Skills 
  4. HR Management
  5. Payroll Processing 
  6. HRIS Database Management 
  7. Communication
  8. Client Relations
  9. SQL 
  10. Scheduling

The Linkedin methodology explained

The top 10 skills were calculated by the percentage of members adding that skill in the last 6 months within the HR industry. Skills must have at least 5,000 members for inclusion into this list. Of these skills, HR management skills needs the negotiating skills sub-set to be effective.