According to research, women negotiate differently from men due to differences in gender-based behaviours.

Women tend to be more accommodating and compromising in negotiating styles. In general, women are more assertive and forceful when they negotiate on behalf of their organisations than when they are negotiating for themselves.

Female negotiators tend to have more empathy and are more trusting of their counterparts. They are also known to be better team players compared with male negotiators.

On the other hand, female negotiators are more likely to be lied to and taken advantage of. Also, research done by Negotiation Today reveals that female negotiators tend to have lower aspirations compared with male negotiators. This could be due to their mindset about equality.

Linda Babcock, author of the book , “Women Don’t Risk” , says that women should have an equality mindset and not fear any backlash that may be associated with a challenging situation.  She postulates that women can negotiate assertively and still be nice.

Sheryl Sandberg in her book , “Lean In”, says that internal obstacles hold women back in various aspects of their lives, including negotiation.

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