Many negotiators do not reach their full potential because they make unnecessary mistakes before, during and after the negotiation process.

  1. Not being prepared, not planning ahead and thinking about the people and issues
  2. Lacking self-confidence in one’s ability to negotiate effectively – wrong mindset
  3. Assume that something is non-negotiable
  4. Not building a relationship foundation to develop a conducive negotiating climate
  5. Having low aspirations, not asking for more
  6. Talking too much and not listening enough to the other party
  7. Saying yes too quickly
  8. Thinking only of a one-sided win – not letting the other party feel that they are winning
  9. Not flexible enough to respond to the dynamics of the situation
  10. Trying to be fair at all times
  11. Not leaving something on the table – “a winner takes all” mentality
  12. Negotiating with yourself – making assumptions about how the other party will negotiate with you
  13. Being afraid to offend
  14. Not understanding the real interests of the other party
  15. Not having a BATNA, a Plan B or a back-up in case of no deal
  16. Too focused on price and not the total value proposition
  17. Getting too emotional
  18. Conceding too quickly
  19. Not making conditional concessions
  20. Being easily intimidated by others
  21. Not focused on the big picture


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