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    Tips from iContainers:

    • Be flexible. Have the ability to adapt and be flexible. It’s essential when negotiating in UAE. You should have a clear strategy, with enough flexibility to allow for changes without sacrificing your business objective.
    • Stay close. The constant and continual monitoring of business operations in Arab countries is fundamental to achieve results. For most of us, this may appear intrusive and annoying. But it’s normal for the Arabs.
    • Be friends. Not just business partners. In a traditional society such as the Arab, family values and friendships are vital. These personal relationships often take precedence over commercial ties. Whenever possible, try to establish a personal bond with your Arab partners or clients. Don’t forget to nurture and maintain them.
    • Be patient and open. The UAE’s and the Arab’s sense of time differs largely from that of the Westernised world. The UAE comprising 7 emirates are governed by a family.

    Posted by Scott Griffin



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